CYCT burgee Cruising Yacht Club of Tasmania Photo of Club boats Talisman II and Stormfisher in Norfolk Bay.


The Cruising Yacht Club of Tasmania (CYCT) aims to:
  • promote and encourage safe cruising generally in Tasmania
  • encourage sailing and boat building by amateur boat builders
  • organise cruising of boats and disseminate knowledge relating thereto.


  • Meetings: The Club meets each month (except in January) normally on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 8pm. The normal venue is the Derwent Sailing Squadron, Marieville Esplanade, Sandy Bay. Occasionally meetings are held at other venues. Visitors are welcome, but are advised to check the Club Calendar and/or contact a Club officer to check on the time and place beforehand.

    Most meetings include a presentation by an invited speaker, covering a range of topics of interest to cruising people.

    Next Meeting Details

    Date: Tuesday 1 November 2016
    Time: 20:00
    Venue: DSS
    Dr. Christine Crawford and Dr. Kerrie Swadling from IMAS will be coming to speak to us on the following topic: Environmental factors influencing water quality and plankton in Storm Bay. Storm Bay is at the convergence of three major current systems around Tasmania and is in a global temperature hotspot region. This is affecting the nutrient regimes and the food chain from plankton to top predators. The talk will present results from five years of sampling water quality and plankton in Storm Bay over a quarter century ago. We will discuss changes that are occurring and potential relevance to marine industries.

    Next Women on Boats Session Details

    Date: Tuesday 8 November 2016
    Time: 17:30
    Venue: DSS Meeting Room
    Down the Gurgler: Marine Toilets Demystified
  • Cruises: Club members meet regularly on the water at anchorages around southern Tasmania. A calendar of events is organised well in advance, so any sailors wishing to meet with the Club with their boat should contact a member.

    Next Cruise Details

    Date:Sunday 20 November 2016
    Destination:Richardsons Beach
    A day sail to Richardsons beach. A great cruise for people with children.
    Date:Saturday 10 December 2016
    Destination:Annual Christmas gathering at the Wavestation, Middleton.
    Sail to Middleton, or anchor overnight in Simpsons or Missionaries before making your way to the Wavestation Annual function to share our annual get together.
  • Donald Sutherland Memorial Cruise: This event, which is a friendly competition based on navigational skills and knowledge is held annually.

Club Calendar

A full calendar of Club events is available here. A cruise booklet was also published, and is available as a PDF file here.


The cruising guide Cruising Southern Tasmania has been updated, and the coverage extended to include Frederick Henry Bay, Norfolk Bay, the Tasman Peninsula, and the east coast up to Wine Glass Bay. Edition 4 of the guide is now available. You can purchase it on-line from the CYCT here.

Cruising Southern Tasmania cover


The Club magazine, the Albatross has been published since the Club's establishment in 1975. It appears 11 times per year. All back issues are available, and be searched.

The Club was responsible for assembling the cruising guide D'Entrecasteaux Waterways. A Guide to the waterways of the D'Entrecasteaux Channel and its tributaries, 1st and 2nd editions. The 3rd edition has considerably increased coverage and has been renamed Cruising Southern Tasmania.

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