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Volume 7 No 12 December 1982
Editor's Page 1
Next Meeting: Graeme Titmus, AYF National Yacht Training Scheme 2
Out of the past: Peron's Journal, Norfolk Bay, 1802 3
Cruising schedule 4
1982 Christmas party 6
Social notes 7
The finer arts of Astral Navigation 8
Brid's Eye View 10
The Chart Room: Notice to Mariners 13
Adult Education Sailing Schools 16
Bo'sun's Locker: Articles for sale 17
Radio: CYCT 27MHz sked times 18
Welcome: Robert Giblin 18
Preserving Eggs 19
Book review: H.W. Tilman: Mischief in Patagonia 20
Denizens of the Deep: Squid 22
Quartermaster's Stores: CYCT embroided cloth badges 27
CYCT Mooring 28
Scanned by Graham Breeze
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