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Volume 15 No 7 July 1990
From the Editor 1
Commodore's Report: TYA Courses 2
Vice Commodore's Report 6
Future Cruises: Circumnavigate Betsy Island 6
Future Cruises: Richardson's Beach wine tasting & lunch 6
Future Cruises: Garbo Cruise Little Fancy Bay 6
According to Sparkes: How efficient is your Radio Antennae? 9
According to Shipwright 13
Next Meeting: Maritime Museum, Secheron Street 16
Rear Commodore's Report 18
Book Review: Bill Tilman - "The Seven Mountain-Travel Books" & The Eight Sailing/Mountain Exploration Books" 19
New Members: Chris & Janice Palmer, Wiena 20
New Members: Chris & Jane Forsterling, Carne 20
New Members: Neil Richardson, Seabird 20
Prospective Members: Alan & Thelma Rider, South Cape 20
Prospective Members: Donald Marshall, Cimba 20
Prospective Members: Cullan, Mandie 20
Prospective Members: Jonathon Davis, Tamima 20
Ara's Journal: Carpentaria Light Vessel, Gove Harbour 22

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