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Volume 17 No 3 March 1992
The Editor's Page 1
Index 2
Cruising: LWE to Norfolk Bay/Ironstone Point 4
Cruising: Maryann Bay 4
Cruising: Bull Bay 5
Sailing into History: Norfolk Bay 5
Help Albert, the Albatross, find a new home! 8
From the Virgin Islands 9
Rallinga's Revels: The Story of a Voyage to Brisbane in an Ore Carrier 10
Escape the 'Rat Race' - Go Cruising: Reports of the past month's cruises: Australia Day Escape 18
Escape the 'Rat Race' - Go Cruising: Reports of the past month's cruises: Port Huon Escape 18
Little Boats 20
Prospective Membrs: James Smith, Kookaburra 21
Prospective Members: Gary landsell, Cadenza 21
Prospective Members: Jonathon Wall, Stowport 21
Prospective Members: Ken Goodsall, Utiekah IV 21
Prospective Members: Chris & Julie Short, Stormalong 21
Prospective Members: Ken & Patricia Hosking, Caverneer 21
Prospective Members: Jocelyn Fogagnolo, Pegasus 21
Prospective Members: Terry Gunton, Tolivia 21
Prospective Members: Ron & Robyn Direen, Charisma 21
Prospective Members: John Brettingham Moore, South Cape 21
Prospective Members: Anthony & Elizabeth Dix, Merlin 21
New Members: Klass & Coleen Koning, Solong 21
New Members: Siegfried & Margery Jensen, Kahoutek 21
New Members: Margaret & Jim Blair, Mistress 21
New Members: Gerry & Christine Nolan, Wanderer 21
New Members: John & Pam Skromanis, Lady Daphne 21
Quartermaster's Store 24

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