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Volume 17 No 7 July 1992
The Editor's Page 1
Inex 2
Back to School (House): Port Cygnet LWE Cruise 3
Winter Cruising: The Quarries 4
Winter Cruising: Coningham 4
Safari in the Pacific Northwest Part 2 - Prince Rupert to Vancouver 5
Next Meeting: Special General Meeting at the Sandy Bay Sailing Club 10
Next Meeting: General Meeting, Sandy Bay Sailing Club - Guest Speaker Bill Belderson, Assistant Harbourmaster Hobart Marine Board 11
Minimum Safety Equipment for Pleasure Craft 12
The Luck of the Irish! 15
Economise 16
D'Entrecasteaux Charts: Reprints 17
Social Notes: Annual Dinner 17
Prospective Members: Peter & J. Blizzard, Tarni 18
Prospective Members: Anthony Craw, Royal Hunter 18
Prospective Members: Cyril Butters, Nordic 18
Prospective Members: Gordon & Margaret Gowland, Bird of Dawning 18
Prospective Members: Grant & Shelagh Ford, Typical 18
Prospective Members: Ken & Lynne Miller, On Strike 18
Prospective Members: Irene & Charles Boulter, Aquarius II 18
New Members: Paul & Sheila Hevers, Moonbird 18
New Members: Helen & Russell Naughton, Rumbalara 18
New Members: Martin Norman, Hot Shot 18
New Members, Wayne Boucher, Mystic II 18
New Members: Hanna & Stewart Lamont, Altair 18
New Members: Mary King & Kylie McKendrick, Melaleuca 18

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