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Volume 17 No 11 November 1992
Commodore's Comments 1
Next Meeting, Sandy Bay Sailing Club - Guest Speaker John Young, School of Wooden Boat Building 3
Club Cruises: Missionary Bay Garbos Cruise 4
Club Cruises: Shipwrights Point Regatta 4
Club Cruises: Christmas lunch, Woodbridge Hotel 4
Club Cruises: Christmas Cruising Tasman Peninsula 4
Video Night, Mariners' Cottage: Barry Smith Cruising the South Pacific 5
Prospective Members: Lionel, Paula & Glen Cummins, Janszoon 5
Prospective Members: Irwin & Elaine McVilly, Luirapevy 5
Prospective Members: Peter & Martina Alexander, Carinda 5
Prospective Members: Douglas Alexander, Carinda 5
New Members: Carl Docherty, Stormbird 5
Alexanders Bay Cruise/Barbecue 6
Randalls Bay Cruise 7
Albatross delivery 7
Cruising in Libelle 8
Auditor's Report 11

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