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Volume 18 No 2 February 1993
Next Meeting: Mariners' Cottage BBQ with British Steel Challenge boats 1
Christmas Dinner at Woodbridge 4
New Members: Terry Vince, Shenandoah 5
Prospective Members: Rick & Grace Gumley, Aranjee 5
Prospective Members: Hans, Jackie, Clancy, Erin, Scott & Leah van Tuil, Alida 5
Cruise Programme: Hobart Regatta 6
Cruise Programme: British Steel Challenge Race restart 6
Cruise Programme: Picnic & BBQ at Apollo Bay 6
Cruise Programme: Long weekend, Partridge Island/Butlers Beach/Mickeys Bay 6
Cruise Report: Garbos Cruise Missionary Bay 7
Car Cruise to Geeveston 7
Cruise Report: Taroona Beach 7
Boat of the Month: South Cape II 8
Tidal Reflections on Why King Canute got his Feet Wet!! 12
A Christmas Cruise 14
Quartermaster's Store 16

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