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Cruising Yacht Club of Tasmania

Photo of Club yacht Reflections at anchor in Hannant Inlet.

Joining the CYCT

Joining the CYCT is straightforward, but does involve some formalities. If you know someone in the Club, they can introduce you. Otherwise the simplest way to start is to attend one of the Club meetings and make yourself known to one of the Committee members. You may also want to join one of the regular Club cruises.

You need a membership application from, available as a PDF download or from the Secretary or another Committee member.

It is also possible to lodge an on-line application here, provided you have an e-mail address.

All applicants pay a Nomination Fee of $25. Add to this the Subscription calculated using the pro-rata schedule as shown in point 7 below. The standard family/single subscription fee is $80.

Rules in the Constitution

The following are the Rules for Membership;
  1. Applicants for membership must lodge a nomination form supplied to him or her by the Secretary, duly filled in and signed in the manner indicated on it.
  2. The applicant in each of the above categories will lodge with the application form the fee relevant to his category and fixed by the Committee.
  3. Applicants for membership will be received by the Committee and if considered suitable, the following steps shall be taken:
    1. The applicant's name and boat name will be placed in the next edition of the “Albatross” with an accompanying notation saying “these (this) nomination(s) for membership will be automatically accepted within 14 days of the date of the scheduled General Meeting immediately following this publication of the Albatross, subject only to any member lodging an objection, in writing, to the Secretary no later than that date.”
    2. If there are no objections in accordance with (ii) above the Secretary will, as soon as practical, write advising the new member(s) of their entry to the Club and inviting him/her/them to the next scheduled General Meeting to be inducted.
  4. In the event of any objections, the Committee shall be bound to reconsider the application and determine by an ordinary majority whether an applicant for membership is suitable.
  5. The Committee will ensure that a record is kept of members in their respective categories, which is available for inspection by any person on giving a good reason.
  6. A Student or Junior member may continue as such until the day when his or her membership is due for renewal immediately following his or her ceasing to qualify as such a member. Upon payment of the appropriate fee, he shall then become entitled to membership as an Adult or Family member.
  7. Quarterly pro-rata payment of Subscriptions shall apply to applications for membership on the following scale:
    1. Applications received by Committee between October 1 and December 31 inclusive shall be required to pay 75% of the standard subscription ($60.00 + $25 nomination fee).
    2. Applications received by Committee between January 1 and March 31 inclusive shall be required to pay 50% of the standard subscription ($40 + $25 nomination fee).
    3. Applications received by Committee between April 1 and June 30 inclusive shall be required to pay 25% of the standard subscription ($20.00 + $25 nomination fee).


All membership fees become due for renewal by July 1 in each year. Any membership not renewed by September 30 next following the renewal date shall be declared to be void.

Applicants wishing to pay their initial subscription and joining fee by direct debit should follow the instructions on the application form or provided as a part of the on-line application process, where your may pay by credit card if you wish.

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