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Change all references to Coast Radio Hobart to Tas Maritime Radio.
column 1 Delete the word Summer
Under Howrah Point add - There are public toilets, general store, Post Office and chemist near by.
Tinderbox Bay south cardinal beacon has been replaced by starboard lateral beacon positioned about 50m further south. Reference Australian Notice to Mariners 330 of 2014.
The Tinderbox Bay Marine Nature Reserve was extended slightly to the west and substantially to the north compared to that shown on the chartlet. The boundary coordinates are now 43° 01.660 S 147° 20.325 E; 43° 02.466 S 147° 20.567 E; 43° 02.901 S 147° 20.867 E; 43° 03.117 S 147° 20.867 E; 43° 03.634 S 147° 20.134 E; 43° 03.634 S 147° 19.683 E; 43° 03.784 S 147° 19.312 E; 43° 03.648 S 147° 19.312 E - Reference Australian Notice to Mariners 1127 of 2014. The chart at shows the boundary.
Replace the green beacon at 43° 07.488 S 147° 15.411 E with an east cardinal beacon with topmark. Reference: Australian Notice to Mariners 586/2015.
Mobile phone number for Kermandie Marina Manager is now 0412 744 890.
A detailed sounding of rocks around the entrance to Waterhole Cove is available at See also Notice to Mariners 481/2015.
The boat ramp at Murdunna is not marked. Show it about 10 mm WSW of the anchor symbol.
col 2 para 2. Change to: A chartlet and other information to assist with navigating through the Marion Narrows is available on the MAST website. Visit and type Denison Canal into the search box.
Under the heading Morey's Beach after "There is a hut behind the beach" add "that is open to visitors and contains interesting information about the island."
Add a heading "Raspins Beach" and the text: "This beach offers good holding and protection from the west."
Under the section on Shelly Beach, add a heading "Orford", and the text "From Shelly Beach it is a pleasant 10 minute walk to the popular holiday town of Orford with its small shopping centre. Facilities include: a service station, supermarket, cafe and a bottle shop at the Blue Waters motel."
For the entry "Orford", add page 100

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