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The Cruising Yacht Club of Tasmania (CYCT) aims to:

  • promote and encourage cruising in company generally in Tasmania

  • encourage sailing and boat building by amateur boat builders

  • organise cruising of boats and disseminate knowledge relating thereto.


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Joining the CYCT is straightforward, but does involve some formalities. If you know someone in the Club, they can introduce you. Otherwise the simplest way to start is to attend one of the Club meetings and make yourself known to one of the Committee members. You may also want to join one of the regular Club cruises.

For further information use this 
Joining Information  link.

Click the "Join Now" blue bar button below, or if you prefer the traditional method, a
Membership Application 2021-2022 is available hereJoin Now for you to open and download for printing.


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Mt Rugby

September Meeting Presentation
Onboard Expedition tours.
Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour.
Port Davey

Member Chrissie gave an insight into her work(?) during summer months in Tasmania’s Southwest World Heritage Area and the waterways of Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour with Onboard Expeditions. Her presentation showed off the unique beauty and significance of this world heritage area as a cruising destination. Chrissie gave insights into the low environmental impact operations of the luxury expedition vessel, Odalisque III and the spectacular flights into and out via the coast or overland through the Portal on a Cessna or the Caravan seaplane.

Port Davey
To see more check out the presentation in our Documents Library at Onboard Expedititions Tours.


Bathurst Harbour

MAST Small Projects Funds

Franklin Public Jetty

To provide a public jetty suitable berthing when visiting. MAST is in support of a publicly owned low maintenance floating pontoon and owners of the existing jetty will donate it and its associated 25-year Crown licence. However, the Huon Valley Council have rejected the offer.

The Club provided a letter in support of this project in May 2022 and the committee agreed to provide ongoing support to assist the project over the line.

Find out more and support the jetty further by going to the facebook page


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AED’s on boats (Automated External Defibrillator) Register


When a person suffers a cardiac arrest an AED can save a life so the  availability of AED's and knowing their location is critical. A land-based register can be found online at the Tasmanian ListMap. On the water TMR (Tas Maritime Radio) have enabled boats to register AED’s onboard.

So if you have an AED onboard, add it to your TMR registration details and in an emergency, contact TMR who can assist identifying the nearest AED located on the water.

For club cruises if you are the Cruise Coordinator carrying the club’s AED, go online to your vessel’s TMR registration and record AED details with your vessel. After the cruise, remove the details.

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