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The Cruising Yacht Club of Tasmania (CYCT) aims to:

  • promote and encourage cruising in company generally in Tasmania

  • encourage sailing and boat building by amateur boat builders

  • organise cruising of boats and disseminate knowledge relating thereto.


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November Meeting Presentation
Electronic Visual Distress Signals (EVDS)

Known as electronic flares

Peter Hopkins from MAST gave a most informative talk highlighting the thorough research and background work his team have put in to develop the current Tasmanian Electronic Visual Distress Signals (EVDS) standards. EVDS are an option to replace 2 x orange and 2 x red handheld pyrotechnic flares in Tasmanian waters. If choosing to substitute EVDS for pyrotechnic flares, then a GPS-EPIRB, VHF and 2 Parachute flares must be carried. WA are in line with Tasmania but the other states are not on board yet (boom boom). In daylight EVDS are not as effective, hence the EPIRB and VHF can be used.
Tasmania is leading the way in the development of EVDS standards and Peter highlighted some of the following points from this:

  • Flares only last 60 secs
  • 1% of rescues are initiated by flares.
  • Flares essentially used to identify location to the rescuer.
  • Flares can pose a safety hazard to the user.
  • Flares cannot be tested as EVDS can be.
  • Laser flares do not meet standards.
  • Disposal of pyrotechnic flares is available at some municipal waste stations, in SE TAS:
    • Clarence City Council – Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station – Mornington Road, Mornington
    • Glenorchy City Council – Jackson Street Waste Management Centre
    • Hobart City Council– McRobies Gully Waste Management Centre – McRobies Road, South Hobart
    • Huon Valley Council – Southbridge Waste Transfer Station – Huon Highway, Huonville
    • Kingborough Council – Kingborough Waste Services – Channel Highway, Baretta
    • Glamorgan Spring Bay Council – Orford Waste Transfer Station – Tasman Highway Orford
    • Tasman Council – 1713 Main Road, Nubeena, TAS, 7184

    For other areas of TAS check the MAST website,

EVDS approved by MAST:  

1.   Sirius Signal – Model SOS C-1003 All White
2.   Orion Safety Product – Model: ORION Electronic SOS Beacon Locator Kit
3.   Sirius Signal – Model C-1002 eVDSD with red-orange/cyan LED and IR S-O-S characteristic that meets RTCM Standard 13200.
4.   ACR Electronics Inc – ResQFlare
5.   Sirius Signal – Model SOS C-1004 All White SOS

See the mast website for more detail,


#1. Sirius Signal – Model SOS C-1003 All White


#2. Orion Electronic SOS Beacon Locator


#3. Sirius Signal – Model C-1002 eVDSD with red-orange/cyan LED SOS


#4. ACR - ResQFlare


#5. Sirius Signal - Model SOS C-1004 All white SOS

The highest standard EVDS is #3. Sirius Signal – Model C-1002.
It meets the RTCM standard 13200 as it has coloured flashing lights which are more obvious than white flashing lights. It is not currently available through Tasmanian outlets.

In question time Peter highlighted the ongoing battle and work MAST are doing on:

  • Dilapidated and abandoned vessels.
  • Dilapidated unregistered moorings.
  • Life jackets standards are being upgraded, will identify automatic or manual activation, the activation point and worn and maintained to manufacturers standards.
    Noted the hurdles of getting crotch straps mandatory and that international life jackets may not meet AS4758.
  • Sale of seaworthy vessels.
  • The challenges of the management and administration of our waterways.


Peter’s passion and industrious efforts in promoting safe boating were obvious from the passion with which he presented and we are lucky to have such an advocate.

Peter indicated he was happy to talk about issues directly:

1300 135 513

Electronic Visual Distress Signals (EVDS)

It is now an option to replace the 4 x handheld flares (2 x Red & 2 x Orange) required in sheltered and offshore Tasmanian waters.
If boat owners elect to carry these devices, they must also have a GPS-enabled EPIRB registered with AMSA and a VHF radio.


Proposed New Bridport Pier
Site Appraisal

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST), on behalf of the State Government and with the assistance of the Dorset Council, is assessing options and undertaking stakeholder engagement to identify the preferred location for a new Pier in Bridport.

The Government’s election commitment is to provide Bridport with a recreational Pier that can be used by the local community and visitors to the area.

Information on the potential sites will be available via the MAST and Dorset Council Facebook pages and MAST website from 21st March 2024.

An invitation is also extended to the community to attend an information session. The public can visit at any time between 4pm-6pm on the day to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each identified site with members of the project team.

  • DATE: Thursday 28th March 2024
  • TIME: 4.00pm – 6.00pm
  • LOCATION: Bridport Community Hall

TMR logo
AED’s on boats 
(Automated External Defibrillator) 

When a person suffers a cardiac arrest an AED can save a life so the  availability of AED's and knowing their location is critical. A land-based register can be found online at the Tasmanian ListMap. On the water TMR (Tas Maritime Radio) have enabled boats to register AED’s onboard.

So if you have an AED onboard, add it to your TMR registration details and in an emergency, contact TMR who can assist identifying the nearest AED located on the water.

For club cruises if you are the Cruise Coordinator carrying the club’s AED, go online to your vessel’s TMR registration and record AED details with your vessel. After the cruise, remove the details.

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