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Hobart Tides

The link at the bottom of this box provides access to the:

  • Bureau of Meteorology Marine and Ocean section for tides

  • The default has been set to Hobart, but click on other locations should you wish to identify tidal forecast for those areas

  • To view other than the "current week" enter the desired date in the box at the bottom of the BoM site window.
Hobart Tide Forecast

Tasmania wind prediction - 7 Days

This website provides  wind direction and intensity, along with possible rainfall and temperature information for various time of each day.
Note that the time is  'local'.

Tasmania Wind Forecast

Southern Tasmania swell prediction- 7 Days

This website can provide wind and swell data world-wide.

The link in the bottom box below is for swell only along the southern coast of Tasmania.

If you wish to check on swell or wind at other locations world-wide, the HOME page for STORMSURF is here

Note that the time is UTC

Southern Tasmania Swell