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July, 2024

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A combined clubs, RYCT and GYC(Geelong Yacht Club) 800Nm cruise circumnavigating Tasmania amongst a fleet of 45 boats. Rob and Tricia will talk about their recent experience and requirements to participate in the rally, how they prepared, where it took them and what worked well and what didn’t.
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A chance to head away on the boat and spend the afternoon around a camp fire and an evening inside with the heater gently ticking over. Destination and CC Ian Howarth
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Yep it‘s that time again, time to get together with WoB for another opportunity to gain skill, develop knowledge, get nautically inspired, have fun and build friendships!

This month the topic focusses on venues and trips suitable for the varied attention limitations of children. Where to go, What to do, How to manage safety on board, How to manage dogs on board etc.

Even if you don‘t ever have dogs or children onboard please come along and chip in with local knowledge.
Bring Sailing guides, maybe some local charts.

There will be no formal presentation. Val will facilitate and the group can share and document so that we end up with a useful resource.

Should we finish with time to spare we can have an Open Forum in which members can throw questions out and as a collective we can respond with experiences and reflections.

Post-meeting Dinner at Chillies for those interested.

Local cruising waters
9:00 AM
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We have 4 skippers, Val, Bev, Dinah and Tracey, who are happy to take on a couple of crew each for a weekend of sailing, sharing, stretching our skills and confidence building in a good humoured and supportive WoB learning environment. Please contact Val (04048253210 if you would like to join. First in best dressed!

If the weather is inclement the boats will stay in dock in Kettering and crew welcome to stay the night. We can spend the time checking out the similarities and difference of our on deck and down below set ups, maybe service some winches, check out engines etc etc. as of course as sharing meals and cafe coffees together. The focus will remain all about taking our sailing skills and understandings forward whilst build a fabulous network of female sailor friends.

The destination for the anchorage will be decided by the Skippers close to the date. I would expect that we would meet at our vessels around 9 and arrive at the proposed destination before 3pm ish. Returning to Kettering by around 3pm.
At this point capacity is 8 crew and 4 skippers
Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania
Bass & Flinders Room
6:30 PM
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How deep, how long, wind speed, swell height, boat displacement, windage, distance from shore, so many numbers!

How do you decide whether you can safely anchor and, if so, what configuration to use?

We will explore ways of crunching the numbers and coming to a way of safely securing your vessel.